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Abattoir No.1 (sur 6)

That said, a lot of its humor just comes down to wanton murder and destruction. It definitely seems that simple randomness is supposed to be a big part of the humor, like the common stereotype of Invader Zim which is cruel reduction of how brilliant that show really is in its satire and absurdity. I do want to reiterate that there are some good jokes in Pretty Violent 1 , and there is something charming about its colorful carnage. The obvious parody characters like Hulktress and Mecha-Dix still have some cleverness in their designs, and that gore and violence is delightfully over-the-top.

Pretty Violent 1 is a very violent, very swear-y superhero parody comic with a lot of flaws. There is some humor to get out of it, and the art style is great. You must be logged in to post a comment.


And the olives? Smoked, of course. Everything that the people say is true. This bread delivered on the next level. Each one was unique, warm, and lovely, bursting with flavours.

  1. Abattoir No.1 (sur 6).
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There are three sections; cold dishes, warm dishes, and main courses. Coronation grapes, wine jelly, toasted brioche. The presentation obviously speaks for itself.

I tend to feel a bit weary about terrine just give me a full-on seared foie gras slab! The foie itself was gloriously buttery and velvety in texture. Although this plate is listed in the cold dishes section, it almost felt like a warm dish because of the perfectly toasted brioche.

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  • The gelatinous and fun! It all worked. Probably the most elevated of the dishes that we ate, I felt like I really got to see the kitchen's chops on this one. We also ordered a dish from the warm dishes section and were informed that it is one of the plates that the restaurant is the most known for. Pickled shallot, sauce gribiche with veal tongue. I can see why this is one of their most popular dishes as this plate was magical.

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    In case you're unfamiliar with sweetbreads, it's the culinary name for the thymus neck meat of the animal. These ones were deliciously tender and fried to a golden perfection. Every bite was to die for and I could've licked the plate. Just when we were ready for our next plate, it arrived. For my main course I considered the honey glazed duck. Cauliflower and cheese.

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    One of my favourite proteins, I was excited to see what they could do with lamb. I immediately noted the gorgeous cook on the lamb, a perfect medium-rare. The tender melt-in-my-mouth lamb meat was wrapped in sausage and then wrapped in bacon And if that's wrong I don't want to be right. We managed to cram in a dessert because we couldn't miss out. Fittingly, it arrived with a birthday candle on the plate, a sweet and thoughtful touch. Covered in a chocolate glaze.

    The Bystander Abattoir: Pretty Violent #1 Reviewed

    This one was served with a generous heap of chocolate mousse on the side, you know, just in case there wasn't enough chocolate already involved. This cake was nice because it wasn't too sweet and it was the ideal dessert to share. Welp, I guess L'Abattoir is one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver now? I don't see how it couldn't be after having such a wonderful experience and enjoying such excellently crafted plates.

    Each dish was well executed and thought out. I loved the combination of West Coast ingredients and a French flair, which all made sense so seamlessly. Yes, the prices are up there, but once in a while you've gotta treat yo self.

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    And they do brunch on the weekends! Can't wait to try it. Our Recent Posts. Restaurant Review: Giulietta.

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