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The story revolves around a father telling his children how "jaunting" was first discovered as they prepare for a family trip to Mars. In short it's a fun, mysterious concept with a spectacularly horrible ending. The grim reason people have to be put to sleep while "jaunting" is revealed through a series of experiments recounted by the father, and the fact you sort of know something is going to go wrong doesn't make the ending any less shocking.

A small boy has to stay home alone to keep watch over his bedridden grandmother, who he's always been scared of.

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As the story progresses, we find out he has good reason to be afraid. Stephen King is at his best when he's writing from the perspective of children. Somehow he's got a real knack for capturing the fears that everyone has when they're growing up, and Gramma is the perfect example of this.

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The story is genuinely unnerving, and the character of George's grandmother is nightmarishly well-drawn. A man kidnaps a small boy outside a supermarket. As he flees across the country in his car, he begins to realise there's something not quite right about the child. Two other things Stephen King does brilliantly: 1 writing from the perspective of the perpetrator, and 2 combining a real-world, human threat with a supernatural element.

The main character in Popsy is as hatable as he is believable, and that makes the story's violent conclusion — which I'd argue is horror writing at its very best — all the more satisfying. A man driving through the desert picks up a pair of broken chattering teeth at a convenience store. Later, when he has a run-in with a hitchhiker, the teeth turn out to be not quite as broken as they first seemed.

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On paper this sounds like a ridiculous story. Despite the concept of some joke-shop chattery teeth coming to life to protect their owner being an incredibly silly one, though, the story somehow works. It's ludicrous, but it's also ludicrously fun. The fact that Stephen King can take an idea like this one and turn it into a very readable short story is a testament to his writing ability.

Four children find metal growing behind the walls in their house, and discover a mysterious clock slowly counting its way down to zero. As symbols for danger and the unknown go, the Forbidden Forest is pretty strong. So, what do you do with the students who have proved themselves the naughtiest, boldest, and most rule-breaking ever to have attended Hogwarts?

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What could possibly go wrong? She ran off the path into the woods looking for flowers. Each time she picked one she thought that she could see an even more beautiful one a little way off, and she ran after it, going further and further into the woods… — Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Little Red Cap In most of the stories, a naive young girl in red is sent out alone into the woods to deliver food to her grandmother.

In some versions, the wolf stalks Red Riding Hood through the forest, eats the grandmother, then lies in wait wearing her clothes. In some versions, Red Riding Hood escapes the wolf; in some she is eaten. Most children today are told the version of the story where Red Riding Hood is eventually rescued by a huntsman — or woodcutter. The symbolism could hardly be more potent. There was a silence, for suddenly the dark and unknown forest, so near at hand, made itself felt as a great brooding presence, full of secret purpose.

Each forest has an important role to play in the tangled plot of the Lord of the Rings trilogy; they often help the characters to transition from one part of the story to the next. Browse all our programmes and features exploring the enchantment, escape and magical danger of forests.

Our Longlist for the Golden Baobab Prize. They are:. Charles Achibi, Nigeria - twitter.

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Precious Narotso, Kenya - twitter. Henry Ezeokeke, Nigeria - artstation.

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Elizabeth Jeffery, South Africa - www. The Golden Baobab Prize was established to discover and present talented African writers and illustrators with opportunities to produce African children's books.

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We invite entries of unpublished stories and illustrations by African citizens irrespective of age, race, gender or country of origin, and offers cash prizes as well as publishing opportunities to outstanding entries. Winners of the Prize have to gone on to see success in the publishing industry.

Little Red Riding Hood -- Big Bad Wolf and Seven lambs - Sugar tales English stories,

The success of this book is an end product of Golden Baobab's commitment to supporting the careers of African writers and illustrators and finding more opportunities for their great work to shine on regional and international platforms. This year, Golden Baobab is expanding its activities in publishing to provide more opportunities for talented African children's authors and illustrators to develop their careers.

We are developing strategic African and global publishing partnerships to produce more stories from the Golden Baobab Prize. The problem is, Fatima loses the list and she has to recall from memory what was written on it.