Manual Journal de campagne (Fil dactualité) (French Edition)

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Basic use of simple future; partitive articles; Direct Object and Indirect Object; basic use of "imparfait" tense. This course concludes the core competencies needed for beginners in French and enables students to move on to intermediate courses at the level. This course is designed for students at the intermediate-level working toward proficiency in French.

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Students will further develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, expand upon their vocabulary, and utilize more complex grammatical structures. Talk about a friendship; describe a person; talk about what someone said; mention changes; narrate an encounter; talk about one's work, one's university studies, one's choice of profession; give advice.


Friendship; love relationship; studies; professional experience; work and professional life; love life. This course is designed for intermediate-level students working to strengthen their competency in French. Talk about cultural differences; situate yourself in time; talk about one's place of living and justify one's choices; talk about an event; react.

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Hobbies; encouragement; tourism, boooking a hotel, a table; wishes; verbs to express goals; verbs to express fields of interest; idioms to express one's opinion. This course concludes the intermediate level and enables students to move on to advanced courses at the level. Talk about a life change; report a conversation; talk about an event in a narrative in the past; express regrets; take a position, voice an opinion; understand the history of an event; talk about one's readings; understand and argue about prevention: encouragement and caution.

This course is designed for intermediate-advanced students working to gain proficiency in French. Characterize people; ask detailed information by mail; give orders and make suggestions; express feelings; write a mail to complain about something; report someone's words. Simple relative pronouns and compound relative pronouns with demonstrative pronouns; subjunctive present; subjunctive past and past infinitive; subjuctive or infinitive after feeling verbs; compound relative pronouns; reported speech in the present.

Talk about one's experiences; matriculate in university; express a compromise and oppose something; talk about ways to get information; give one's point of view on the first page of daily papers; analyze information; understand news titles. Apprenticeship and experience; school and university; contradicting; how to write a small news story.

Oppose something; encourage solidarity; express objectives and intentions; give impressions; participate in a debate: take the floor; keep the floor; interrupt. This course is designed for advanced students working to gain proficiency in French. This course concludes the level and enables students to move on to the level. Ecology and environment; terms to prohibit and preserve; terms to understand justice; travel and tourism. This course is designed for advanced students to strengthen their proficiency in French.

Emphasis; gerund; present participle and verbal adjective; indefinite pronouns; synthesis on pronouns indefinite, possessive, demonstrative and relative. View Map. Hurry up! Last week to register before our Adult Winter classes start on December 2. Follow Us.

You have until 22 March to make wishes for the training courses of your choice and until 2 April to confirm them. Be careful, the wish system has been reformed since last year, students can only make 10 wishes - against 24 before. On the other hand, these wishes can be "multiple". That is, a candidate can choose a specific type of programme and select several programmes with the same title in different schools, which constitutes as many sub-wishes.

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For example, you can choose a BTS Communication in multiple wishes and select several schools that offer this programme in sub-wishes. Please note that these sub-wishes are not unlimited: thus, you can formulate a maximum of 10 per multiple wish and 20 in total. Two other major innovations have been introduced compared to previous years: a candidate is no longer required to rank his wishes in order of preference. Secondly, greater mobility has been introduced since baccalaureate holders will be able to be accepted in an establishment of an academy different from the one to which they are attached.

In concrete terms, you can therefore apply for a university that is not attached to your home academy.

Guide Journal de campagne (Fil dactualité) (French Edition)

Higher education institutions set up a " wish review committee " to review candidates' electronic files. A major innovation introduced by Parcoursup, the future sheet contains the student's grades, his ranking in his class and the progress made during the first two quarters.

The student's profile behaviour, autonomy, motivation, etc.

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  • With this information, the institutions define a pedagogical classification of candidates taking into account other criteria: benefit of a national scholarship, candidate's academy, origin field, etc. On 19 May , the admission phase begins.

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    Candidates then begin to receive answers to their wishes. You can receive 4 different types of answers - depending on whether the programmes are selective or not:.

    The main admission phase will end on 17 July , by which time applicants must have accepted a proposal for admission if they have received one. At the end of June , a c omplementary phase begins during which future graduates can make new wishes, depending on the number of places available. If, at the end of the baccalaureate results, a candidate has not received any assignment, a commission may make programmes proposals to him in the schools where there are still places available.

    At the end of the procedure, each baccalaureate student should have received a proposal to enrol in higher education. For some schools, it is possible to avoid the usual procedure Parcoursup and go through direct admission. This is the case for Sciences Po or certain leading business schools , such as IPAG, which set their own admission process. For , some of the courses in these schools are required to be listed on Parcoursup, but they maintain their particular registration process. Regarding admission to other courses, such as BBA or Bachelor , future students can apply directly on the IPAG website and the selection is based on their application file and the number of places available.

    A Network of over 11 alumni around the world. How does Parcoursup work? What is Parcoursup?