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She defined herself boldly, a feminist former stripper who loved her all-male crew but reserved a unique allegiance for her girlfriends. The message stuck. The song, whose hook features an uncharacteristically somber Faith Evans, was very far from my personal experience, but as a young woman approaching adolescence, it felt like it was within the realm of some shitty hypothetical future. She was a welcome counterbalance to the glossy fantasies at the top of the charts, like watching a hard-hitting documentary after time spent bingeing Disney fairytales.

She found herself submerged by the sudden, swift change in her professional life, and how it warped her every day. I was going through a growth process, definitely changing from a young woman to a woman. In doing that, she expanded the territory claimed by women rappers. And yet she soon launched her own clothing line, the beloved but short-lived Fetish by Eve. But how can I wait all the way until Monday for part two?

Guessing the new guns lever and trigger are plastic also? Did you weigh them by chance? Very informative comparison. Do you think they maybe changed the orientation of the saddle ring so the thong would more naturally lie flat? The looks dented where the saddle ring was originally. Or maybe your brother used the receiver as leverage to pry the thing off.

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The new way may actually be better, because it encourages the second ring and the thong to hang down straight. Wow, when you say it like that, it sounds more like an act of charity. Orin, Yes I checked the blog almost immediately. Never gone back, maybe a loyalty issue on my part.

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I know that asking you to suggest a fighting style is probably equivalent to asking B. With that in mind, can you possibly steer me in any given direction?

To be quite honest, I have done absolutely no homework on any particular style. Thanks, RikiB. That is quite fascinating. Their web page is very informative, though, and prompted me to look deeper into Jiu Jitsu. I did some digging around on Google Maps and found more possibilities than I had expected within 10 miles, from mixed martial arts to others highly specialized. Thank you sir for taking your time to educate and intertain us with your, as always, well written blog.

The older stock with its suttle curves and tapers looks more pleasing to my eyes. Do they translate to a more lively feeling when you hold her in your arms as you squeeze off a shot? For now, I will say that putting the old one up to my shoulder and shooting it for the first time in over 2 decades felt as natural as if I had shot it only the day before. I can still shoot it better, although the only reason must be in my mind:. A very interesting blog.

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He had already guessed from numerous hints over the months that something like this was in the offing, so the gun came as no surprise. The box is nice, brightly colored and nicely illustrated. I will always wear the glasses when I shoot. I will never shoot the gun inside the house. To my amazement, the gun went unopened in the box and after a bit he went back to his Wii game. I was flummoxed. All you have to do is follow the rules. Never look into the muzzle, okay? Anyway, this was several days ago and to this day he has not yet looked at his gun, and it sits in my closet.

Ryder's Block: An Autopsy of Mass Effect: Andromeda (Part 1)

Maybe I freaked him out or he resents all the shooting I do with my airguns. I need to figure that out…. Meanwhile, I have unpacked it and found very good instructions inside and nice packaging. I did not expect that. Way too hard for an 8-year-old kid! I checked the stock screws and found them tight.

I wonder if I can entice my son to shoot the darned thing and how well it and he will shoot. Give it time and work with him. Children these days are taught so many negative and often false things about guns, that he may actually be afraid of it. By the time I was given this one, I had shot many other guns under supervision and was deemed responsible to use it as I saw fit.

You might also want to try a Red Ryder. One of my nephews was given a Crosman because his father deemed it a better BB gun than the Red Ryder. To this day, he still tells me that he would have preferred one like mine:. Ironically, many years ago, I had hoped for a instead, but things worked out, anyway:. AlanL, He will come around just be patient. Just my two cents… when he does, shoot big bolloons at close range, seems most kids like them.

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The pellet makes a big difference. For soda cans, it is deadly accurate at 10 yards with a wadcutter. At 20 yards, it does much better with a pointed or rounded pellet. My longest shots are about 25 yards based on available space, not the Target Paper — thanks for the idea of using construction paper.

I use card stock. Wonderful contribution to the blog. I took my saddle ring and thong off my RR. Saved them of course. They had about 20 kinds of shrimps there.

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Alan, I feel for you. My boys got their Red Ryders when they each turned 6. They are not 8 and 9. When the boys got their guns we had no video games, other than a few PC based games in the house. I quickly noticed that a pattern started and I only bring this up because you mention the Wii :. For a while I let this slide until I realized that he was on his way to couch-potatodom…so. Give it a try Alan, it may work. Good luck! Very often once kids are actually doing something different, they enjoy it. One thing my son absolutely loves is Laser Tag, so he does like to shoot.

Man do I get a workout when we go do that.

I can recommend it- great fun. Not enough laser tag places around though. I had the same rule regarding video games for my two children and it worked wonders for years. I do occasionally just kick him out of the house and tell him not to come back inside until the street lights come on.

Richard Hills – Taking Ryder Cup commercial success to a new level (Part 1)

He complains, of course, but then gets on with playing in the great outdoors or with his copious toys and generally loses himself in the experience. I still want to kick my Mom on occasion for doing it. Luckily, my daughter could care less for the stupid things.

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Spot on! Better yet, give them their choice of how to spend 60 minutes of outdoor activities: wash the truck, pick up horse manure, shoot the Daisy, or dig a trench. Does anyone know it this system allows editing? It could be a bike ride or sports, but I bet that the BB gun will be calling in short order.