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Sports researchers use something called the development model of sport participation to study elite athletes. The model shows that having a diverse sports background does not hinder the performance of elite athletes.

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Athletes who develop skills in one sport are able to transfer those skills to another seemingly different sport and still reap the gains. For example, a child who has played soccer may have developed the skill of reading the field of play.

This skill is also applicable and transferable to a sport like basketball, where that same athlete must learn to read plays on the court. In the initial phase of the development model, termed the sampling years, athletes are introduced to various sports with a focus on having fun and deliberate play.

In their teens, athletes enter the specializing years and begin to reduce their involvement in numerous sports.

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In this phase, the element of having fun is still important and coupled with the introduction of intentional effort. As athletes advance in age approximately 15 years and older , they enter the investment years and begin to focus on a primary sport. It is here where deliberate practice plays a larger role and the role of deliberate play lessons.

While this model is not intended to be the universal approach to developing sport expertise for all athletes, it certainly provides a framework for recognizing the integral role of deliberate play, deliberate practice and diversification in sport play. That fateful day led me to become a member of 20 national teams, an eight-time Canadian champion, an Olympian and a multi-medalist on various major Games, spanning a career more than 15 years. I attribute my quick progression in the high jump to the various sports I played growing up. Had I started specializing in my sport at an earlier age, I doubt I would have lasted for as long as I did or had the same level of success.

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The path to becoming an Olympian requires a mixture of important ingredients that may vary according to the sport and the individual athlete. Ultimately, for many, the path is navigated through deliberate play and involvement in various sports, developed through a commitment of deliberate practice, and reinforced by support, resources, motivation and effort.

Most importantly, in sports where peak performance occurs after maturation, early sport specialization is not the answer to becoming a super elite athlete.

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Low pay, earnings mobility and policy — Manchester, Lancashire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Specializing in a specific sport at an early age is not necessary to become an Olympic athlete.

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In fact, the opposite is true. Forrester , Ryerson University. Author Nicole W. The 10,hour myth In addition to the belief that starting early is a path to success, the popularity of the 10,hour rule has given rise to the belief that a certain numeric value of time must be acquired for an individual to become an expert.

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Testing the theory of deliberate practice and 10, hours, Dan McLaughlin, at the age of 30, quit his job and began to learn how to golf with the hopes of achieving his PGA Tour card. He reached a golf handicap of two by the summer of The importance of play Musicians, athletes and other people in other fields pursuing excellence appear to share the need for deliberate practice.

Sport specific vs. Recognizing the progression of athlete development, the Long-Term Athlete Development model is a framework enacted by sport organizations to promote skill learning in accordance to human development. Sport for Life Society In the initial phase of the development model, termed the sampling years, athletes are introduced to various sports with a focus on having fun and deliberate play. Then you can test how well you protect the secret through an immersive full body interactive experience that leads you through three virtual environments—the Triangle Room, Secure Train Car and Bank Vault—all locations where the secret formula has been kept.

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